Planning :
September 2018 : Recruitment of new members for the school year 2018/2019. First goodies of BEST ENSTA Bretagne (t-shirts for full members, bracelets, etc/.)
5-7 October 2018 : First Motivational Week-End organized by BEST ENSTA Bretagne. The aim goal of it is to integer our new members and initiate them to the international side of BEST by making them meets members from other french & foreign LBGs. This event is open to every member of BEST. 
November 2018 : Organization of a local engineering competition at ENSTA Bretagne. Open to all engineering students of the school (possibly engineering students from all engineering schools of the region).
December 2018 : Forum Ouest-Avenir 2018, a job fair co-organized by different engineering schools of the region. Organisers from ENSTA Bretagne are members of BEST ENSTA Bretagne.
Consulting meeting
Past events :
April 2018 : ENSTA'Event has been accepted by the international community (92 LBG votes, 91 yes and 1 blank) as an official member of BEST. The association earn the status of "Baby Member". ENSTA'Event is renamed "BEST ENSTA Bretagne" and use the official logo of BEST LBGs.
12-16 April 2018 : Visual Identity Short Intensive Meeting 2018 - Event organised for BEST Department Design. Members of this department were reunited to work on the main topics of the year concerning visual identity changes of BEST. ENSTA Bretagne provided logistics for them. The organization of this event was one of the condition to access the status of official member of BEST.
December 2017 : Election of the second board of BEST ENSTA Bretagne during Local General Assembly
November 2017 : Officialisation of the membership status of BEST observer group' ENSTA Bretagne for the association ENSTA'Event during BEST President's Meeting 2017 held in Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey.
July 2017 : The association "ENSTA'Event" is accepted as an observer group of BEST.