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Course d'Automne à Brest 2019 : 
Les énergies marines renouvelables
General description :
      If you love the sea and you actively participate in Friday’s Marches for the Climate, keep reading! Our Course will be perfect for you ! 
Come to Brest to learn more about the Marine Renewable Energies (MRE) ! Teachers, professionals and our LGB members are motivated to make you discover the untapped blue wealth of our dear planet. 
Indeed, we all have heard about solar panels and wind turbines but what do you know about hydroelectric turbines or floating wind farms ? This field is still quite unknown to the public, but it’s a booming sector and probably the future of our energy production.  
     Coming to Brest will also be a discover of a new culture in a region which has a strong Celtic identity, and that we are eager to share with you ! 
Now that your eyes are sparkling with excitement, we invite you to answer our wonderful questions to see if you are as motivated as us for this amazing Course. 
So don’t be shy and just apply! We expect you to be really interested in MRE, and able to enjoy fun activities in a Breton atmosphere.  
Academic information
Fields of activity : Shipbuilding Industry, Renewable Energies, Mechanical Engineering, (Electrotechnique?) 

Content and topics : Learn about the MRE and its impacts on our societies through technical lessons but also economic and law principles. 

Learning goals and objectives :  Learn how producing energy and saving the earth.  

 Examination type : Written exam  

 ECTS credits issued : Not known yet 
Contacts : 

Main Organizer : Antoine PIETRI

President of lbg Ensta-Bretagne : Perrine BAUCHOT

Questions :