BEST ENSTA Bretagne has strong links with BEST group of ENSTA ParisTech. ENSTA ParisTech is a partner of ENSTA Bretagne.

As BEST ENSTA Bretagne has the status of "Baby Member" in the organisation, our group is monitored by two entities. The first entity is the Nurse, which is an LBG which has the "Full Member" status : it is BEST ENSTA ParisTech. The second entity is the Doctor : an experimented person in BEST who has the ability given by the international organization of directing a "Baby Member" group : she is a student from Technical University of Riga, Annija Admidina.

The origin of BEST ENSTA Bretagne comes from the creation of a group of students by our referent professor in ENSTA Bretagne Klara Kovesi, professor and researcher in human sciences. Klara Kovesi is an alumni from BEST and she is now part of a project called A STEP 2030 "Attracting diverSe Talent to the Engineering Professions of 2030" headed by the Education Department of BEST. You can find more details about this project 
The 97 local group members of BEST are divided into 11 regions, each gathering between 8 and 11 groups. BEST ENSTA Bretagne is part of region 11 "Ocean's 11", and members from our group actively participated to the Regional Meetings. The last took place in Porto, Las Palmas de Grande Canaria and Milan. The Region 11 gather BEST ENSTA Bretagne with BEST group of Polytechnic University of Madrid, University of Valladolid, Engineering Faculty of University of Porto, University of Coimbra, University of Aveiro, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, University of Rome "La Sapienza" and CentraleSupelec
BEST ENSTA Bretagne is also part of the organisation ALFA (Association des LBGs Français) which gather French BEST local groups. It gathers BEST ENSTA Bretagne with BEST groups of ENSTA ParisTech, CentraleSupelec, École Polytechnique, INP Grenoble, University of Lorraine, ENSAM and INSA Lyon.
This year, ALFA organise the BEST President's Meeting of 2018 which gather Presidents of the 97 BEST groups and the international board of BEST. It is one of the most important event of the organisation.
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