Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea

Descripiton of the event :

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the mysterious darkness of the abyss? If your mind drifts to the slow contemplation of strange jellyfish and deformed sharks: this course is for you! But it is also for all those whose curiosity leads them to the sea, this space threatened by multiple dangers with unknown consequences. In this course, you will first situate the stakes that the oceans and their resources represent. You will find the technological means to quantify them thanks to the acoustic waves and their treatment. We will also contemplate the life of the oceans and their functioning.

The ocean is a universe that still holds many secrets. In these times of questioning about issues such as climate or energy, more and more people are looking at the blue horizons beyond our coasts. So, if you love sea and if you want to observe, listen, study and discover all hidden secrets of oceans, come to Brest!

The program is as vast as the setting is beautiful. La Bretagne, a nation of intrepid explorers and more modest navigators will reveal its most beautiful lights, its most mysterious mists, and sometimes, unfortunately, the thunder of Brest!

The Academic content :

Let us introduce you to Brest, your personal gateway to the fascinating world of the oceans ! Here, at ENSTA Bretagne, on the Atlantic shore, we cherish the idea of making people more aware of the importance of the sea and the many technological innovations and techniques revolving around it.

Here is a glimpse at what you will be able to learn about:
Sea acoustic
Discover how scientists use acoustic waves not only to map the sea floor, but also to keep track of the wildlife !
Fluid dynamics
Learn a bit more about the way fluids behave, a fundamental physics field when studying the sea
Oceanographic models
Preserving the ocean implies knowing it well, hence the various models made by scientists to try to understand it better
Marine law
Just like the land, the sea is regulated by laws to control its exploitation and navigation. Learn about the different rules and their importance to preserve the marine environment.
Preserving fishery resources
Learn about the importance of stopping overfishing and other major marine activities to make sure the oceans do not run out of its precious resources.
What does that entail economically speaking ?
Marine life
The ocean is an incredible biodiversity treasure unfortunately affected by human activities. What are the consequences on the marine wildlife ? How can we improve on them ?

Come join us for some fun activities in Bretagne!
Nautic sports
In Brest, nothing better than enjoying the ocean by going sailing, or other marine sports!
Botanic garden
Botanical garden
How about a walk in the city's beautiful botanical garden?
Let's go explore one of France's biggest aquariums!

L'ENSTA Bretagne
Schedule of the event

As a multidisciplinary graduate and postgraduate engineering school and research institute, ENSTA Bretagne delivers training and conducts research activities in high level ICTs (information and communication technologies), mechanical sciences and human sciences.

Situated in Brest, this state establishment works in close relationship with numerous industrial and academic partners in France and abroad. Its activities contribute to innovation in numerous fields of application: the maritime, defense and more generally hi-tech sectors (transport, aerospace, energy, digital technologies, research…).

Together with the Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris and ISAE-SUPAERO, ENSTA Bretagne is part of the group of engineering schools governed by the Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) (Defense Procurement and Technology Agency) of the Ministry of Armed Forces. They share the high requirements and excellence on which their solid international reputation has been built.

Moreover, ENSTA Bretagne sets the standard in training armament research and technology engineers (IETA). They represent 18% of the students (engineering program) on campus and prepare to design and manage major defense programs at the DGA and in companies in this field.


October 22nd 2022 - October 29th 2022


BEST ENSTA Bretagne, 2 rue François Verny, 29200 Brest


+33 7 57 63 83 79


The Survival Guide :

Here is our survival guide. It contains every things you must know to have a great week at the ENSTA Bretagne : Survival Guide